To provide multiple, timely perspectives on the issues affecting pharmaceutical scientists.

Goals and Purpose

  • Enhance AAPS community engagement through a timely, accessible outlet of perspective and conversation.
  • Provide the AAPS community with insight and relevance to the science presented at AAPS events.
  • Develop a pipeline of engaging content to be applied throughout AAPS projects, e.g., the AAPS Newsmagazine, webinars, workshops, white papers, etc.
  • Further the social media conversation between AAPS and its members.
  • Strengthen the AAPS reputation by showcasing reputable perspectives on the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Chronicle the progress of pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Encourage new membership by reaching nonmembers in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Key Audiences


  • AAPS membership and potential members
  • Key opinion leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  • Regulatory and governmental bodies
  • Pharmaceutical bloggers and the media


  • The public

About AAPS

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a professional, scientific association of approximately 11,000 members employed in industry, academia, government, and other research institutes worldwide. Founded in 1986, AAPS provides a dynamic international forum for the exchange of knowledge among scientists to enhance their contributions to public health. AAPS offers timely scientific programs, ongoing education, information resources, opportunities for networking, and professional development.

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