Did you have a favorite blog post in 2016? We gathered the most-read posts throughout the year, which included a variety of topics including pain management, hangover pills, drug pricing, and women in science. Check out our top 10 below!

  1. Can’t You Feel My Pain? Those Left Behind in the Purple Rain
  2. Can’t You Feel My Pain? Non-Opioid Pharmacotherapies for Pain Management
  3. Do Hangover Pills Really Work?
  4. Can’t You Feel My Pain? Opioids for Pain Management
  5. Contemporary Perspectives on Developing Amorphous Pharmaceuticals
  6. The Power of Girls
  7. Drug Pricing: Strategic Pricing Principles
  8. Untangling the Complexity of Drug-Drug Interaction by Pharmacometrics
  9. New Scientific Frontiers in Transporters: From the Bench to the Bedside
  10. When and Why to Focus on Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP)

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