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By Todd Reitzel

Todd ReitzelThree storied pharmacy schools and one Cinderella program will meet this weekend to contend for the 2016 NCAA Pharmaceutical Championship. The games will be hosted at The Phorum, in Los Angeles, California. Pharmaceutical science phans from the phour schools have descended on Southern California this week in anticipation of cheering on their team.

At the end of the three-week tournament, the phield has been narrowed down to the the University of Kansas, the University of Kentucky, the University of North Carolina, and darkhorse Butler University. The UNC School of Pharmacy was the prohibitive phavorite for most of the pharmacy season, but the Kansas team impressed pharmacy experts with its run through the Midwest Regional, including victories over a talent-laden team from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Pharmacy and upstart Virginia Commonwealth led by high-scoring pharmaceutical scientist Doug Sweet.


Experts have also speculated on the chances of the Kentucky team, which pheatures a number of post-docs expected to become “one-and-doners” by leaving for lucrative contract research organizations. But the compelling story of this Phinal Phour is the run by the Butler University team, which pheatures All-American pharmacologist Rich Bergstrom and a high-powered team dedicated to discovery, integration, application, and teaching. In the West Regional Phinals, Butler defeated another upstart, the Union University School of Pharmacy.

The games will be televised on ESPhN.

Who is your phavorite to win the championship and why?


Todd Reitzel, AAPS director of publications, has worked for several scientific and scholarly associations. He joined the AAPS staff in 2012 and has a keen interest in Web publishing and electronic learning.