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By Christopher M. Riley

Chris Riley-finalAAPS wants to create an opportunity for pharmaceutical scientists to publish research that is broadly available to everyone without barrier. I believe that open access publishing is going to be essential in this Information Age, and the new journal AAPS Open provides a wonderful outlet for AAPS members and nonmembers to share their research and expertise.

AAPS Open welcomes papers from all areas of pharmaceutical science, including those that may not have had the opportunity to be published before due to scope or journal size constraints. Some journals require that confidential chemical structures be identified. However, such research and results may be valuable without identifying the structures, provided knowledge of the structures is not necessary to an understanding of the article. AAPS Open welcomes those papers. There’s also a lot of value in reading different types of articles all in one journal, so AAPS Open will be accepting reviews, commentaries, conference proceedings, databases, and even protocols along with, of course, research. One of the perceived barriers to publishing in AAPS Open is the cost of publishing. AAPS members receive a discount, and there are a number of other ways to lighten the impact of the fee. I also wish to emphasize that all articles submitted to AAPS Open are peer-reviewed by experts in the field, and the ability to pay plays no part in the technical review.

I’m very proud to have been selected as the editor-in-chief of AAPS Open. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss your publication or ideas for publications, themes, or concepts. I hope you will visit our website to read the first published articles and learn more about how to submit your research to AAPS Open.

Christopher M. Riley, Ph.D., is editor-in-chief of AAPS Open and president of Riley and Rabel Consulting. He was previously vice president at ALZA and DuPont-Merck and professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Kansas.