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By Todd Reitzel

Todd ReitzelGrowing up, I received my news twice daily: Reading the newspaper at breakfast, and watching local and national news around suppertime. That’s it.

Things have changed. A lot. First cable television and then the Web began to offer us many other options, including new content formats, new delivery times, and new pathways to access.

Now we have access to news 24/7. And because the world operates using this 24/7 news cycle, many people need to be on that cycle or they fall behind. We use our mobile devices to catch up during dead time when we wait for the traffic light to change, wait for the next train to come, or just wait on an elevator. And alongside the traditional and emerging websites offering news are a raft of social media apps vying to provide us with breaking news. These changes offer us the opportunity to be better connected to others, to our professions, and to our world in ways that were previously not possible.

How often are you online? A recent Pew Research Center survey reports that 20% of us are online constantly. The same survey reveals that 42% are online multiple times daily and only 13% don’t go online daily. The survey notes that the major technology enabling the high levels of connectivity is, of course, mobile technology, including smartphones and tablets.

This constant connectivity impacts nearly every area of our lives, and pharmaceutical science is no exception. We know that the Web is a major factor in how pharmaceutical science gets done now, with research and business collaborations occurring across state and national borders, worldwide. We have at our fingertips news, professional networks, research, regulatory guidances, and business transactions at all times.

That’s why AAPS is proud to launch the new AAPS Newsmagazine Online, a new site that provides the latest pharmaceutical science news and features. AAPS Newsmagazine Online will include all the content in our popular members-only print magazine, plus additional news features for all pharmaceutical scientists to read. The site is mobile-friendly, with the ability to share stories via social media and email. Although some content will be accessible only to AAPS members, most of the new site will be freely accessible to all. Visit AAPS Newsmagazine Online and get your important pharmaceutical news from AAPS 24/7.

Todd Reitzel, AAPS Director of publications, joined the AAPS staff in 2012 with 20 years’ experience in scholarly and scientific publishing and a keen interest in Web publishing and electronic learning.