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By David Y. Mitchell

David Y. MitchellAt this time of the year, we commonly reflect on the many things that we are thankful for; our family, our friends, our health, and our career. But sometimes we forget to be thankful for the help we’ve received in our career along the way. Maybe it’s a professor, a mentor, or a colleague that counselled you, or a grant, scholarship, or travel award that permitted you to continue your education or gave you an opportunity that would have been otherwise missed. Remember how special it felt to receive the scholarship or award? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give that same special feeling to a current student?

You can! I encourage you to join me and many other pharmaceutical scientists by contributing to the AAPS Foundation. Your support of the AAPS Foundation can help ensure that current and future pharmaceutical scientists are fully prepared to meet the challenges found in the discovery and development of today’s modern medicines. One thing I am particularly proud of is that, unlike many charities, 100% of donations to the AAPS Foundation will go toward the foundation’s programs. I’m also proud of the variety of giving options we provide, including corporate matching gifts, gifts of stock, estate-planned gifts, and gifts of honoraria.


So what about you? What do you get for giving? The AAPS Foundation offers an array of donor levels to best suit your needs with various benefits provided for each level. But that’s not the only benefit to you for giving. Andreoni (1990) described that people experienced a warm feeling after donating to a cause they believe in. However, the benefits of giving may extend beyond a brief feeling of self-gratification. Studies have shown that helping others brings a surprising number of physical and mental health benefits ranging from reduced stress and depression, better immune system functioning, a greater sense of life satisfaction (Avitzur, 2011).

So during this special time of the year when we reflect about what we are thankful for, please think about the time in your graduate studies when someone gave you a travel award, research grant, or scholarship that enabled you to continue your studies or attend a special meeting. Please consider giving to the AAPS Foundation to ensure another student gets the same opportunity that you received. Thank you.

David Y. Mitchell, Ph.D., is chair of the AAPS Foundation and chief scientific officer at Nuventra.