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By Diane Ivey

Diane IveyWhether you’re established in your career and looking to mentor someone new, or you’re still in a stage where Ph.D. Comics tell the story of your life, AAPS can help with the next steps on your career path.

This week, the AAPS Blog will focus on careers. We will have posts on career planning, career development, and the importance of volunteering. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the AAPS 2015 Virtual Career Fair Day on Wednesday, March 25, from noon–3 pm. Virtual Career Fair Day is a great opportunity to meet employers in industry, academia, and government who are looking for candidates just like you.

We hope you will learn a lot from Careers Week; don’t forget to comment on our posts, and even submit one yourself.

Diane Ivey is the web content manager at AAPS and a member of the AAPS Blog team with four years of experience in association website management. She holds a master’s in Public Affairs Reporting from the University of Illinois Springfield and a bachelor’s in journalism from Michigan State University.