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By Meredith Weston

Meredith WestonLet’s face it—scientists have a serious image problem. Their work is highly valuable and impactful; however, in popular culture they are often portrayed as reclusive and socially awkward. So, why does it matter if the perception of scientists is less than positive? Mainly, it’s because scientists represent the first line of communication about science to the general public thus, there can be serious consequences if people don’t trust them or have a negative perception of their work.

The AAPS Blog has stressed these consequences before in posts on herd immunity, the 2014 mumps outbreak, and a universal influenza vaccine. This week, the experts weigh in on the use of nanoparticles in vaccine delivery, the recent return of measles, and how a positive public perception could make all the difference.


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Meredith Weston, M.S. is the eLearning Program Manager at AAPS.