By Diane Ivey

Diane IveyAs summer turns into autumn, students are returning to classrooms across the country. Whether they’re grabbing a backpack and lunchbox on the way to elementary school, or driving to a lab to complete a Ph.D., the time has come to begin a new academic year.

Everyone loves a fresh start, and even if you’re no longer a student, “Back to School” means more than just discounts at the department store. It’s a time to sharpen your pencils, open your notebooks, and pretend (at least for a time) that you’re ahead of the game in an ever-hectic world.

This week, the AAPS Blog celebrates Back to School with posts on topics students of any age might encounter. We’ve got a great piece on head lice, as well as one about surviving graduate school, and even a post about the benefits of red wine and chocolate. (Parents, we know your secret!)

Enjoy Back to School week, and don’t forget to comment on our posts, and even submit one yourself.

Diane Ivey is the Web Content Manager at AAPS and a member of the AAPS Blog team with four years of experience in association website management. She holds a master’s in Public Affairs Reporting from the University of Illinois Springfield and a bachelor’s in journalism from Michigan State University.