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Today marks the second birthday of the AAPS Blog! This blog was launched to provide pharmaceutical scientists and others interested in the field a forum in which to share their perspectives and discuss them with a broad audience. In two years, we have published 273 pieces that have received over 93,000 views worldwide by readers, many of whom engage in discussion about the pieces via the blog’s comments.

Thanks to all our contributors, readers, and commenters for your continuing support! To celebrate our birthday, please enjoy this poem by AAPS Blog Committee Chair Robert Bell. We would like to dedicate it to all our blog readers, the true PharmaStars.

By Robert G. Bell

Robert BellI hope you are not adverse to a little rhyme and verse. The intent is to bring a smile every once in a while – science should do that for you. You know who you are – all those PharmaStars out there. Let me know what you think after you’ve had a drink (or two). You know, who can tell what Bell will do – three chord rock is nothing new. Where’s some friends and bloggers when you need a note or two? Right now, even my chopsticks would do.





Do you think it was your fate or karma
that led you to the dark side of pharma?
Was it that you were blinded by science,
just to become a disciple of development and compliance?

Got to get to the lab but I’m stuck in another meeting
it looks like my R&D budget’s going to take another beating
Messages are piling up and there’s reports on the floor
I need four more heads just to get this NDA out the door

Who do you think you are
a pharmaceutical rock star?
Sounds like you hold the keys
to curing this disease
you have the insight and expertise
and have a team that should do this with ease
and by the way, wall street thinks’ it’s a breeze
because they know who you are
at least in your mind, you’re a pharmaceutical superstar

Hopefully the agency was so moved
to expedite the review and then approve
this new drug for break through designation
or at least that’s the latest street speculation

For now we need to right size
I know it sounds like a downsize
and thanks for being a workhorse
but strategically it’s best we outsource

Who do you think you are
we’ve come too far for there to be any stars
you did help with the keys
to curing that disease
you had the insight and expertise
and your team did it with ease
and didn’t know you were down on your knees
because they know who you are
you were once a pharmaceutical superstar

Seems like we were the last to know
I’m not sure what to do or where to go
I’m a bit overwhelmed and feeling some pain
it so hard to start this all over again

But if science teaches you one thing
change is the constant that time will bring
Don’t be trapped, you’ve got to learn to adapt
at any age, you may find the need to bust out of the cage

Who do you think you are?
Your stars have shown you the way so far
It sounds like you hold the keys
to curing your disease
You got the expertise and insight
and till then you should be alright
Let them know who you are
the real deal that will take them far
maybe even beyond the stars

Robert G. Bell, Ph.D., is president and owner of Drug and Biotechnology Development LLC, a consultancy to the pharmaceutical industry and academia for biological, drug, and device development.