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finger_pointing_v2The AAPS Blog, a relatively obscure blog until recently, is now setting the pharmaceutical community abuzz by providing timely and topical information to its membership and the world community. The AAPS Blog has been spearheaded by Stacey May, AAPS director of public outreach, and has recently involved Robert Bell, of Drug & Biotechnology Development, LLC, to chair the newly reconfigured AAPS Blog Committee (ABC). Bell wants to make the blog more member-driven, which “will provide a forum for pharmaceutical scientists to discuss and debate new drugs, technologies, regulations, and breakthroughs.” Bell is challenging each AAPS section to contribute three posts per month with an overall goal of three posts on the AAPS Blog per week: “All of our members have something to say, and the blog provides an excellent opportunity for them to be heard. We need motivated members to step to the plate and be heard.”

AAPS has assembled an all-star committee consisting of Megan Cooley from APQ, Prathap Shastri from BIOTEC, Harsh Sancheti from CPTR, Mehran Yazdanian from DDDI, Kaushal Dave from FDD, Rahul Haware from MSE, Maria Posada from PPB, Abimbola Farinde from PPDM, Lakshmi Kolluru from RS, Karin Liltorp as member-at-large, and Russ Weiner as AAPS Executive Council liaison.

If you are new to blogging, you may be wonder: What’s a blog? Why should I blog? or What do I get from blogging? A blog on a scientific topic differs in many ways from a review article. You wouldn’t want to write in a scientific review article “However, my gut feeling is that this is so and so.” But you may get away with the same line in a blog post! A blog allows one to express his or her opinion about any topic that is of interest to a large population. In addition, blogging encourages you to read more when doing research on your blog post topic and organize your writing. You want readers to be interested in hearing your opinion and thereby help yourself become a better communicator!

The published posts on the AAPS Blog are short and informative to provide a quick summary to the reader. Additionally, posts are written to be comprehensible by AAPS members and nonmembers rather than being scholarly pieces of literature that are hard to comprehend for most people outside that area of specialization. To keep it as informal as a “blog” but reliable as any other scientific literature, blog writers must cite and link to their sources. These blog posts cover a wide variety of topics ranging from pharmaceutical challenges to regulatory affairs to career advice. The ABC will seek to contribute blog posts each month, but writing posts is open to anyone who wishes to express their views (and relay them to several others) related to the healthcare industry, after approval from the AAPS Blog team. This can be done by sending your suggested topic or draft to aapsblog@aaps.org.

With your help as writers and readers, the AAPS Blog will thrive. Don’t be surprised if it becomes the first thing you look at when you start your day. We look forward to hearing from you!