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Suk KwokSuk M. Kwok is a research scientist in analytical and bioanalytical development at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMS) in Princeton, N.J.

Andrea: My personal life is falling apart.

Nigel: That’s what happens when you start doing well at work. Let me know when your entire life goes up in smoke: then it’s time for a promotion.

It seems like these days we are all trying to pursue a successful career while striving to maintain boundaries and make time for our personal lives. Take myself as an example—a full-time working mom and a part-time graduate student. How many times have I waited for my toddler to go to sleep just so I could catch up on work, or tried to bribe a friend or a family member to babysit so that I could edge out some time to study? Yes, I am guilty of delegating some of my responsibilities at home to keep up with my industry skills and knowledge but, these days, we all need to do that to stay on top of our professional game.

Being able to successfully accomplish this is called having a “work-life balance.” However, in an industry that shows no signs of slowing down, this is easier said than done. There is no question that being a recent graduate is tough and intense. The pressures of starting your career make it hard enough, but throw in the various effects of your personal life and you could easily find your life going up in smoke.

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