Suk KwokSuk M. Kwok is a research scientist in analytical and bioanalytical development at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMS) in Princeton, N.J.

Now that we have ushered out 2013 with all the holiday frenzy, wonderful time with family and friends, and most importantly, a little rest, are we ready to kick off 2014 with undiminished enthusiasm? For working professionals, the start of the New Year is a time for objective setting and, for graduate students, it is a time for preparing another year of schoolwork. But, before we dive into our commitments, perhaps we should ride the New Year spirit and think about our own personal and career aspirations—to set sail in the right direction, so to speak.

I’ll admit, this is easier said than done. So mark your calendar, January 9, 2014, for an upcoming AAPS professional development webinar entitled, “Landing Your First Job in Industry“. This presentation will feature industry speakers Steven Piccoli, Ph.D, a research fellow in Immunochemistry and Biomarkers in the Biologics Department of Bristol-Myers Squibb, and James Boyd, Ph.D, MBA, ACC, ACG, vice president of the Global Regulatory Affairs Department at Sanofi and a qualified personal and professional coach. Steve and James will talk about how they found their first job and their industry experiences thus far.  This webinar aims to address specific topics related to the essential skills needed in industry, the importance of branding yourself, and how to make the most of your outside resources and contacts. By viewing the webinar, the audience will gain insights into the diverse career options within the industry, obtain unique insider perspectives from industry professionals, and have the opportunity to communicate with the guest speakers using a real-time platform.

So take an hour of your lunch time and listen to some career insights from our speakers. Maybe you will find yourself starting the New Year with new perspectives that help you chart your career course.

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