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Ho-Leung FungHo-Leung Fung, Ph.D., is editor-in-chief of The AAPS Journal.

At The AAPS Journal Editorial Advisory Board meeting at the 2013 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Antonio, I shared a list of the top 10 articles cited over the short history of our publication. These articles, shown below, reflect the diverse fields covered by The AAPS Journal and the contributions from exceptional pharmaceutical scientists in our community. The top 10 list includes articles on bioanalysis, biotechnology, cancer research, drug discovery and delivery, metabolism and transport, and pharmacology.

The AAPS Journal, an official electronic journal of our association, carries a 2012 2-year impact factor of 4.386 and 5-year impact factor of 5.714. Its 2012 article influence score (also known as the Eigenfactor score) of 1.540 ranks the journal 18th out of 260 journals in the Pharmacy and Pharmacology category.

All AAPS members can access The AAPS Journal free of charge (learn about other ways to access the journal). Instructions for authors and for submission are available via www.editorialmanager.com/aapsj. There are no fees associated with submission or publication of manuscripts. Our goal is to return the first editorial decision within one month of submission.

Starting in 2014, The AAPS Journal will be publishing six issues a year to accommodate the continued growth of the journal. I welcome your submission to our publication!

CITATIONS (11/6/13)
229 Workshop/conference
report- Quantitative bioanalytical methods validations and implementation: Best
practices for chromatographic and ligand binding assays
et al.
2007 Bioanalytical
212 DNA-based
therapeutics and DNA delivery systems: A comprehensive review
Patil, Rhodes, Burgess 2005 Drug Delivery
211 Targeted
pharmaceutical nanocarriers for cancer therapy and imaging
Torchilin 2007 Drug Delivery
172 Cytochrome P450s
and other enzymes in metabolism and toxicity
Guengerich 2006 Metabolism/
170 Protein aggregation
and bioprocessing
Hilario, Jacobson
2005 Biotechnology
168 Role of the breast
cancer resistance protein (ABCG2) in drug transport
Mao, Unadkat 2005 Metabolism/
154 Nonviral gene
delivery: What we know and what is next
Gao, Kim, Liu 2007 Drug Delivery
115 Curcumin and
cancer cells: how many ways can curry kill tumor cells selectively
Ravindran, Prasad, Aggarwal 2007 Cancer
111 Cannabinoid
receptors and endocannabinoids: evidence for new players
Mackie, Stella 2006 Pharmacology
107 Drug discovery from
natural sources
Chin et al. 2006 Drug Discovery