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Abhay JoshiAbhay Joshi is a Ph.D. student in pharmaceutics at Long Island University.

I perceive AAPS as a great scientific society thriving to quench the thirst for scientific knowledge and a platform with endless networking opportunities. For me the best part of AAPS is its customizable experience for students. One way is through active involvement with a focus group in your area of interest. AAPS has 43 focus groups and provides excellent options to participate in almost every scientific area.

Associating and actively participating in a focus group greatly enhances the exchange of the most current scientific research information and also opens doors to endless opportunities for collaboration and career advancement. As a graduate student, by joining the Microdialysis focus group steering committee, I have the privilege to participate in the design of various programs for AAPS meetings thus giving me a drive to keep my scientific knowledge current. I am also excited by opportunities to participate in the online discussion board and in designing tasteful content for the future issues of the Microdialysis focus group Magazine Probes. Meeting and interacting with renowned scientists in the field of microdialysis from different parts of the world has offered endless opportunities for collaboration and problem solving. I am glad AAPS provides such opportunities for graduate students like me, as these are preparing me to be a key team player and a fine leader to function on a multi-disciplinary drug development team. I hope these firsthand experiences will motivate other graduate students to consider joining and participating in a focus group of their choice, as I have learnt that active participation is one of the keys to personal growth and professional development.

How have you benefitted from volunteering for an AAPS focus group?