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Stacey May

Stacey May is the AAPS director of public outreach.

It’s always exciting when students express an interest in science at an early age. AAPS was thrilled to host Ayana Jamal and Ariella Hoffman-Peterson, 2012 graduates of Niles North High School in Skokie, Ill., as they presented research today at the 2012 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition about a novel treatment to reduce the negative effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and a new understanding of genetics behind the disease.

Jamal, a freshman at the University of Illinois, and Hoffman-Peterson, a freshman at Northwestern University, worked alongside F. Bryan Pickett, M.A., Ph.D., associate professor at Loyola University Chicago, to complete their FAS research projects in high school. Both students studied zebrafish embryos: Jamal’s research determined a novel way to reduce the negative effects of alcohol on a zebrafish’s development, while Hoffman-Peterson studied the RALDH2 gene and determined that its function is closely tied to FAS because alcohol competes for the activity of the gene.

Learn more about these bright young students and their research by reading their abstracts in the 2012 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition MyAgenda Planner: Ayana Jamal, no. W4390; Ariella Hoffman-Peterson, no. W4119.