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Kim Brown

Kim Brown is the AAPS communications and social media manager in the Public Outreach Department.

You’ve probably been there—burning your tongue while sipping a beverage or eating food that’s just a little bit too hot. Today, during the 2012 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, Jason McConville, Ph.D., presented research about a dissolvable oral strip to immediately relieve pain and heal burns caused by ingestion of hot foods and liquids such as coffee, pizza, and soup.

McConville, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Texas, Austin, designed the strip for controlled delivery of a local anesthetic, benzocaine, and a therapeutic polymer. The strip, applied directly to the burned part of the tongue, cheek, or roof of the mouth quickly dissolves for instant pain relief. It won’t interfere with normal day-to-day activities and also promotes healing.

Next, McConville and his team will test the strips in humans and experiment with taste-making.

Read more about McConville’s research in his abstract, no. T2252, through the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition MyAgenda Planner.