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Prasanna Kolluru

Prasanna Kolluru is a Ph.D. candidate at Mercer University and an AAPS Blog Committee member.

I still remember gearing up three years ago for the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition in Los Angeles. I had only been in the US for a few months and I was surprised to see my department colleagues so excited about the conference. When I attended for the first time that year, I loved the experience and just like any other Mercerian, I made sure that the AAPS Annual Meeting found a place on my calendar every year.

As we are only a few days away from this year’s Annual Meeting, I want to pen my thoughts about the upcoming event. I am excited about being selected as one of the AAPS Graduate Student Symposium Award in Drug Delivery and Development Interface (DDDI) awardees. Receiving this award gives me an opportunity to provide a podium presentation at the Annual Meeting and share my research findings with enthusiastic researchers. Our group recently started looking into research focusing on targeting tumors with nanoparticles that can specifically act on tumors and also simultaneously image and treat tumors. Being recognized for our research at the international level has motivated us to advance this study and further contribute to science.

Encouraging student participation, AAPS is providing students the opportunity to co-moderate symposium and roundtable sessions at the meeting this year. I enjoyed co-moderating a session at the AAPS National Biotechnology Conference this summer and I am looking forward to co-moderating a symposium at the upcoming Annual Meeting. Furthermore, I am excited about membership receptions, which offer a great place to network!

Besides the great programming, there is lots more in store at the meeting, including poster presentations, receptions, alumni meetings, the Expo and the Career Fair. I am looking forward to an exciting four days filled with science, networking, and fun in Chicago. I hope you all also enjoy the conference!