David Y. Mitchell

David Y. Mitchell, Ph.D., is the current AAPS president.

I am a firm believer that scientists can do anything; they can change our world in new and exciting ways and make it a better place. So I was elated to hear that AAPS is moving into new territory by joining the blogosphere. As a parent to three daughters, ages 18 to 24, I know all too well the importance of social networking and the influence it has on how we receive news and information in today’s society.

Through the AAPS Blog, AAPS aims to enhance AAPS community engagement through a timely, accessible outlet of perspective and conversation; provide insight and relevance to the science presented at AAPS events; and develop a pipeline of engaging content to be applied throughout AAPS projects, including the AAPS Newsmagazine, webinars, workshops, white papers, etc. We also hope to further the social media conversation between AAPS and its members, strengthen the organization’s reputation by showcasing reputable perspectives on the pharmaceutical sciences, and chronicle the progress of pharmaceutical sciences.

The AAPS Blog will serve as a key content hub and further promote AAPS’ vision to be the premier organization of all scientists dedicated to the discovery, development, and manufacture of pharmaceutical products and therapies through advances in science and technology. With a variety of guest contributors—including the top scientists in the field—the AAPS Blog, following in the footsteps of other popular pharma blogs such as FiercePharma and Pharmalot, will cover topics ranging from biosimilars and topical product development to the transition from school to industry.

So, I welcome you to the AAPS Blog with hopes that the content found here lures you to not only engage in the conversation, but to continue to make an impact in the pharmaceutical sciences.