Hot Topics in Nutraceuticals and Natural Products


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By Christopher W. Cunningham, Missy Lowery, Anne-Cecile Bayne, and David Fast

Natural products were in the spotlight in 2015 when the discoverers of artemisin and avermectin received the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine. Natural products have been used by humankind throughout history to treat a variety of conditions and diseases. Indeed, up to one third of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs are natural products or based on the structure of a natural product. In addition, molecular entities derived from natural products can be seen in multiple drug categories ranging from anti-infectives to anticancer. Continue reading

Have the Courage to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone



By Dipal Patel

A decade ago, I remember dreaming of myself as a powerful and independent woman climbing on her scientific career ladder. Influenced by my family members who had successful careers in the U.S., I always wanted to come to the U.S. to pursue an advanced degree and establish a successful career. As a pharmacy graduate from India, I applied to master’s programs in pharmaceutical sciences at different universities. Continue reading

Liquid Biopsy Gearing Up to Improve Disease Monitoring and Screening

By: David Warmflash

Cancer survival is better today, compared with 50 years ago, for a variety of reasons. First, certain cancers can be detected earlier than they could in the past. Second, patients can be assigned specific protocols of drug combinations and other treatments based on accurate disease staging. Third, when patients do respond to treatment and achieve remission, they can be monitored for months and years for signs that the cancer is coming back, and then given adjusted treatment. Continue reading

Micromotors to the Rescue


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By: Lipika Chablani

Recently, the labs of Liangfang Zhang, Ph.D., and Joesph Wang, Ph.D., published some very exciting work about their “micromotor” based novel drug delivery systems. Their published article from Angewandte Chemie shares the formulation and applications of these that can neutralize gastric acid and successfully deliver the drug through the stomach. Continue reading