Addressing Excipient Variability in Formulation Design and Drug Development


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By Ajit S. Narang

Ajit NarangExcipients play a central role in the design of a robust product with a sound control strategy that would conform to meaningful specifications during its lifecycle. Excipient selection during formulation design influences business-critical and clinically significant drug product performance outcomes such as stability, bioavailability, and manufacturability. Therefore, thorough understanding of excipient variability is critical to robust drug product development. Importantly, the International Council on Harmonization (ICH) draws attention to excipient understanding in the ICH guideline Q8(R2), emphasizing the need for enhanced knowledge of product performance over a wide range of material attributes. Continue reading

Health Care ATMs


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By Pratik Vora

Pratik VoraHow many of us would like it if we could make direct appointments with the same doctor every time and meet him or her in a kiosk near our house at a time we propose? I think almost all of us. Because now, in the modern era, time is money and everyone wants to be healthy in order to use the money! In order to stay healthy, “Health ATM” is the new term to know, coined to develop the facility described above. Continue reading

Turn to AAPS PharmSciTech


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By Robert O. (Bill) Williams III

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am very excited about my new role as AAPS PharmSciTech editor-in-chief and look forward to continuing the growth of the journal. I’ve assembled a world renowned editorial team, including Associate Editors Sanyog Jain, Paul Myrdal, Michael Repka, Claudio Salomon, and Chuanbin Wu, who will largely focus on different geographical regions. We are looking for well-written, well-cited, and well-structured papers with significant impact in areas such as pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical engineering, drug delivery, and so on. Continue reading

AAPS Pharmaceutical Science Roundup, February 2015


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image-final-croppedThis month’s roundup features stories on NIH funding, vaccinations in California, pharmaceutical marketing, bad data, and even cosmeceuticals.

Have a perspective on one of these stories? Submit your post to the AAPS Blog! Continue reading

Measles Redux, The Unnecessary Epidemic


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By Edwin J. Asturias

Edwin Asturias

Photo: CU Doctors/
University of Colo.

Note: This editorial appeared in The Denver Post and also on the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition website on February 5.

Though dormant for years, measles reemerged this year with a vengeance. The first cases erupted in Disneyland before spreading outward, involving 14 states and counting. Now there are 102 confirmed cases, making it the largest measles outbreak since 1990. Continue reading


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