Antimicrobial Resistance Battle: Are Bacteria Becoming Stronger Than Us?


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By Femi Olawuyi

Femi OlawuyiAntimicrobial resistance (AMR) against antibiotics for bacteria is a serious global health issue, and medical science has not been able to solve the problem. Like one of my literary pieces on AIDS/HIV expresses, “fast we continue to move but AIDS, much faster” (AIDS – A Living Threat). The same thing can be said of bacteria. We tend to fight them with the tough approach, but their own genetic act of defense is much tougher; so it seems medical science is losing the battle. Consequently, public health suffers globally, and research scientists seem to be exhausted of innovative therapeutic solutions against AMR. Continue reading

Is Pharmaceutical Science Limited to Humans?


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By Kaushal Dave

Kaushal DaveWe as human beings have used all possible resources, including plants and animals, for our survival and growth. The quality of life and life expectancy of human beings have improved over time, thanks to natural resources and the human brain. Animals have been our closest friends and have contributed to our survival by providing food, clothes, shelter, and transportation. So what can we do to reciprocate? As pharmaceutical scientists, the least we can do is to improve their health, and thus their quality of life, through innovative medicines. Continue reading

Everyday Heroes–Human Safety Study of Ebola Vaccine to Commence


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By Robert G. Bell

Robert BellAn experimental vaccine for the Ebola virus, developed by GlaxoSmithKline and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is expected to commence this month. The experimental vaccine will be administered to three unknown everyday heroes. These everyday heroes are three healthy human volunteers that will be exposed to the experimental vaccine for safety evaluation and immune response. If the safety objectives are achieved, the vaccine will be administered to a larger group of healthy everyday heroes (volunteers) for safety, dosing, and immune response. Continue reading


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