Keep Active to Avoid Alzheimer Disease


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By Eric Vidoni and Jill Morris

Eric Vidoni-finalJill Morris-finalAmericans now fear Alzheimer disease more than any other disease. Our dread of losing our memory is reflected in the click-bait in our Web browsers. Hardly a day goes by in which we don’t see an online ad or an article for the next miracle cure or prevention for dementia. Continue reading

Biohacking Insulin


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By Heather Wilkins

Heather Wilkins-finalI was diagnosed with type one diabetes at age seven. Even with health insurance, my hospital stay and prescription costs almost bankrupted my parents. I will forever be proud of them for overcoming this gigantic financial burden. As an adult, the financial burden of my chronic disease now rests on my shoulders. Continue reading

Standard Reports for Pharmacometrics


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By Kevin Dykstra

Kevin Dykstra-finalPharmacometrics is a maturing discipline that utilizes mathematical models to provide quantitative insights that lead to better drug development decisions. Pharmacometric analysis integrates data from preclinical experiments, clinical studies, or literature to construct statistically realistic models of drug exposure and response. These models can benefit a number of crucial areas in drug development. Continue reading

AAPS Pharmaceutical Science Roundup, August 2015


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image-final-croppedThis month’s roundup features stories on using light and sound to reveal the brain, how Google plans to help cure diseases, the newly-approved “female Viagra,” and even what happens when social media, drug marketing, and Hollywood combine.

Have a perspective on one of these stories? Submit your post to the AAPS Blog! Continue reading

Happy Third Birthday to the AAPS Blog!


3rdbirthdayIf you know what today is, you are likely as excited as we are over at the AAPS offices! Today, August 28, is the third birthday of the AAPS Blog! This blog was launched to provide pharmaceutical scientists and others interested in the field a forum in which to share their perspectives and discuss them with a broad audience. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since we launched, but it’s been quite the journey. Since the birth of the AAPS Blog, we’ve received over 165,000 views and published 474 pieces. Continue reading


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